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Alzheimer's disease - One of the major reasons for memory loss in the elderly men

Alzheimer's disease is also called senile dementia and is one of the most common forms of dementia discovered by the German neuropathologist Alzheimer and is found mostly in the people more than sixty. Scientifically it can be defined as the disease of the brain that progresses slowly and is characterized by memory loss. This is one of the early signs of dementia or the Alzheimer's disease. There are also eventual disturbances in the reasoning and perception. This, according to many scientists is caused due to the accumulation of the beta amyloid protein in the brain which further leads to the death of the nerve cells. There is also a low testosterone levels due to the Alzheimer's disease in men.

The actual cause for the Alzheimer's disease is unknown though the amyloid cascade hypothesis is largely discussed. This hypothesis is basically been evident from the early onset of genetic Alzheimer's disease and mutations have said to be the major reason for the production of such beta amyloid protein.

Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

One can easily identify the disease with the very much visible symptoms out of which memory loss is the most common one. Many overlook the memory loss as a normal part of ageing and there are least suspicions about the Alzheimer's disease. The symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease vary with different persons and with the different stages of the syndrome. The three stages are mild, moderate and severe Alzheimer's.

Mild Alzheimer's disease

In this stage people suffering from Alzheimer's disease have minor memory loss and mood swings. The amount of energy in the body is reduced and it becomes difficult for them to react at things quickly. They often find trouble in handling the money and paying bills and repeat conversations. They also lose the ability to judge different things get easily angry and frustrated.

Moderate Alzheimer's disease

This stage lasts from two to ten years. Though there are some tasks that can be done by the affected people, there are some complicated tasks for which they definitely require help from the others. They are subject to both short term and long term memory loss and lose connection with the real world. Confusion of memories is also a major symptom of the moderate Alzheimer's disease along with difficulty in recognizing the close ones. They are the most common dementia symptoms too.

Severe Alzheimer's disease

A person is said to be affected by the severe Alzheimer's disease when he loses memory completely and lack the ability of the basic tasks and they require ceaseless care.

Risk factors of Alzheimer's disease in men

Age - the age of the man is the most common risk factor for the disease and the risk increases upto two times in every five years after the age of 65. About 2% of the people develop Alzheimer's disease before reaching the age of 65 and after the age of 85, every second person is likely to develop the disease.

Gender - Gender is another major factor that influences the early signs of dementia and dementia symptoms. Though it has been considered that women are more prone to develop the disease, the numbers of cases of Alzheimer's disease in men are on the rise.

Family history - According to the studies and researches, it is found that a substantial percentage of men who are affected with Alzheimer's disease have had any of the parents affected by the disease.

Head injury - if there is a history of head injury the risk of developing the Alzheimer's disease is larger as the brain has already been through tough times.

Genetics - the apolipoprotein E gene is another risk factor and is developed in the late stages of Alzheimer's disease. There are three forms of this gene, ApoE2, ApoE3 and ApoE4.

Common natural treatments for Alzheimer's disease

Ginkgo biloba

This is said to be the remedy for many neurological disorders and has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties so that it keeps the brain cells safe from damage. It also increases the cerebral circulation and hence there is a better blood flow to the brain.

Apple juice

The risk of Alzheimer's disease is reduced with the regular intake of different fruit and vegetable juices. It has been concluded that the polyphenols and flavonoids present in the natural food are highly beneficial to the health of the people affected with Alzheimer's disease.


Curcumin that is a derivative of turmeric is another natural remedy for Alzheimer's disease and helps in preventing the early memory loss and the dementia symptoms. It also inhibits the accumulation of the destructive beta amyloid proteins in the brain of the patient.


Exposure to sunlight is an effective way of fighting Alzheimer's disease and the early signs of dementia. It also encourages better sleep patterns and activates the brain cells thus improving the functioning. But there is a necessity of taking a melatonin supplement after the exposure to sun.


Fish has all the properties that are good for the neurons. It has the omega 3 fatty acids which is one of the basic nutrients that help in the protection of brain cells. Some of the cold water fish that are good for providing relief for Alzheimer's disease are tuna, mackerel, trout and salmon.

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