Useful Tips to Spot Signs of Heart attack in Men

Being in a position to make out symptoms of heart attack in men is important, as this will help you to seek medical help without delay. Wasting time here may prove to be lethal. The reason for the time waste is that a lot of folks don't know much about heart attack symptoms in men.

The first hour right after the signs of a heart attack in a man, is shown, is an extremely critical time and therefore, is called the 'Golden Hour'. If action is not taken in this small window of time, the survival odds are going to be very scanty. It is vital to note down that symptoms of heart disease in men vary from heart disease symptoms in the fairer gender. Before we study what symptoms of heart attack in men are, let's first learn what an attack is.

How Heart Attack happens?

Heart attack happens after the blood supply in the coronary artery gets clogged up owing to some clotting. Owing to this breakage in flow of blood, a muscle in the heart gets destroyed. Fatality of a heart muscle is accountable for electrical unsteadiness of the muscle tissue and the characteristic chest pain.

Previously, a bulk of the heart attacks was lethal, however now with improved awareness, heart attack death rates have reduced considerably. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation given inside five minutes of the heart attack helps in saving the patient's life.

Heart attack warning signs

More than half of the males who go through a heart attack episode witness heart attack symptoms prior to the real heart attack. Time and again men opt to ignore the symptoms, and this paves the way to complications. Let's have a look at some of the most important symptoms of heart attack in men.

Discomfort and Chest Pain - This one is a very common symptom of heart attack. The ache is a pinching sting in middle of the chest. This sting usually remains for a few minutes or more. The person may also feel heaviness in region of the chest. Apart from chest pain, people may also experience bodily discomfort. If you see both these heart attack symptoms, then you must call for an ambulance right away.

Sting in other Parts of the body - The chest ache can spread out to other areas of the body too. Shoulder, back, arms, jaw or teeth are the regions where an individual can feel pain. Sometimes it is seen that there is no ache in the chest region, but a stinging ache in the shoulder, back or arms. This ache is usually ignored which causes problems. So, it is also imperative that pain felt in areas other than the chest is not ignored. You may also feel ache in upper abdomen; pressure which is swelling up on the chest is transferred to the belly, causing long-drawn-out upper abdomen ache.

Sweating and shortness in breath - This is another common symptom of heart attack in men. As there is inadequate blood supply to a particular heart muscle, that area becomes deficient in oxygen and this causes shortness in breath. Sweating too much can point to an imminent heart attack; however, people take for granted that it is due to body heat. It is imperative that the cause of sweating is examined and the individual is given treatment without delay.

Vomiting and Nausea - Apart from various other reasons linked with vomiting and nausea, it can also be due to a heart attack. Purging can happen with blood and this is sign of an imminent heart attack as well. If this happens, it is important that you get medical help right away.

Causes of heart attack in men

The causes of heart attack are the habits that augment the danger of heart disease. Already existing heart conditions might also get worse due to these causes. These causes can either be controllable or uncontrollable. A few of the controllable ones are high blood cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, stress and unhealthful diet. The uncontrollable causes include family history, age and gender. The chances of getting a heart attack go up as the severity and quantity of these increases.

Smoking and alcohol intake are two key controllable causes. Smoking increases the danger of heart diseases by almost two times. Consumption of too much alcohol can augments the risk of stroke, cause hypertension and ultimately heart attack.

Obesity and an inactive existence are interlinked factors of heart disease. Extended periods of idleness play a significant role in escalating the possibility of heart attacks. Bodily activity is essential to uphold standard cholesterol levels and keep away from complications like diabetes and obesity. Although vigorous fitness exercises are considered more helpful for your heart, a reasonable intensity exercise may help a lot as well provided you do it regularly. Body fat, particularly the one that is stored about the waistline is a key cause. The reason is that too much body weight adds more strain to the heart thus making it labor more to pump additional blood.

Ailments like diabetes, cholesterol and high BP are very dangerous factors. It is important to keep diabetes under check, as elevated blood glucose significantly enhances the possibility of heart problems. When there is a rise in blood pressure, the heart has to work more. This augments the chance of getting a stroke or heart attack. Lofty cholesterol is just as hazardous.

You also have uncontrollable factors like age, heredity and gender that are just as liable to causing problems to the heart. Those with a record of heart problems running in the relations are more vulnerable. Thus, with so many factors of heart attack out there, it turns out to be even more important to have regular heart check ups and to do what it takes to live healthy.

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